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Call an ASMX web service from PHP

If you need to call an ASMX web service with several parameter from an PHP environment you’ll need to pass those parameters in a specific way in order to get this working. Suppose we have a web service with a method GetProducts which requires three parameters, which is defined like: [WebMethod] public array[products] GetProducts(string SearchTerm, […]

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TortoiseGit remember password

Since we migrate our source control from SubVersion (SVN) to Git hosted on Bitbucket there was one thing that I thought was very very annoying. This is the fact the the Git client I use, because several people recommended it, TortoiseGit just won’t remember my password. There are several ways to solve this “problem”, generation […]

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Migrate SVN to Bitbucket, the easy way

In this blog post I’ll show you how you can transfer/convert/migrate a SubVersion repository to a Git repository hosted on Bitbucket. Most tutorials, including the official one are complex, have many steps to perform and haven’t worked for me. In my case the all failed for different reasons. Luckily there is a very simple method […]

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