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Call an ASMX web service from PHP

If you need to call an ASMX web service with several parameter from an PHP environment you’ll need to pass those parameters in a specific way in order to get this working. Suppose we have a web service with a method GetProducts which requires three parameters, which is defined like: [WebMethod] public array[products] GetProducts(string SearchTerm, […]

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The best tools for software development

Here is a list of tools I you when developing software and for the reason I use that tool. Of course there are many other tools that do similar things and that are preferred by other people. Try all different tools you find and see which meets your needs best. IDE Since I only develop […]

Jquery.selectbox inside updatepanel fails postback

For an ASP.NET website I worked on a while ago I’ve use the jquery selectbox to make the dropdownlist look a little nicer (this is just an ugly example, I’m not a designer): This looks great and worked great until the dropdownlist was placed inside an updatepanel. The first time the paged was loaded it […]

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